A big thanks to our first set of volunteer board members

cropped-apilogobianoenero.jpgAny good organization starts off with a good set of leaders. We’re very thankful to these people who’ve stepped up so far and volunteered to help API get off the ground:

  • Alba M. Diaz, San Antonio, Texas (Camino de Santiago 2013)
  • Barbara Wood, Portland, Oregon (Camino Frances, 2015; Camino Portuguese 2016; Via di Francesco 2017)
  • Catherine Murphy, Birmingham, Alabama (Camino de Santiago, 2016; Via di Francesco, 2017)
  • Erinn Zavaglia, Edmonds, Washington (Via di Francesco 2016)
  • Gayle Peacock, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Camino de Santiago, 2016; Via de Francesco, 2017)
  • The Rev. Mark Goodman, Albuquerque, New Mexico (Via di Francesco 2017)
  • Paul Bernardino, Beverly, Massachusetts (Via di Francesco, 2017)
  • Rod Hoekstra, Seattle, Washington (Camino Frances, 2016; Via della Costa, Via Francigena, partial 2017, Via di Francesco, 2017)
  • The Rev. Sandy Brown, Seattle, Washington (Camino Frances 2008, 2011; Camino Sanabres, 2010; Camino del Norte 2012; Via di Francesco 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017; Via Francigena 2016)
  • Taralynn Carter, Seattle, Washington (Camino Frances 2016; Via della Costa & part of the Via Francigena, Spring 2017; Via di Francesco 2017)
  • Tricia Chin, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago (Camino de Santiago, 2010)
  • Fr. Vincent Gilmore, Edmonds, Washington (Via Podiensis, 2012, Camino de Santiago 2012)

We anticipate adding additional names in the days ahead. What does a board do? In our case we’ll be wanting to file for our incorporation status, file for 501(c)3 status, begin setting up our process to mail credentials to prospective pilgrims, and begin researching and filling out details about Italian pilgrimage walks for our website. Lots of work to do now, and in the future maybe one of our next big goals will be to have a nationwide conference on Italian pilgrim walks! Again, thanks to our board member volunteers!


3 Replies to “A big thanks to our first set of volunteer board members”

  1. My wife and I did the Via de Francesco in 2016 and plan to do it again in 2018. She also walked the Camino de Santiago in 2015. We’re trying to get other books on walks in Italy. Do you know if we can purchase ‘The way of St Benedict’ by Simone Frignani and ‘On the road with St Francis’ by Angela Maria Seracchioli from a distributor in the U.S. Thanks!


  2. Hello,

    I wrote an email back to Erinn, asking if per chance you would send me a second credential but have not heard anything. In the middle of eye surgery these days, and would be grateful for a phone call 202-215-1093.

    Rest assured I shall make a generous donation for this kindness.

    Ciao, Joanna Brignolo in DC


  3. I’m a member of the Southern California camino group.. also an oficial Hospitalero
    Volunteer.. I walked camino Frances 2016 camino Portuguese 2018 I will b walking camino ingles in April 2020. I ambition walking Florence to Rome one day soon.. I live in California.. let me know if I can b of help .. to this group. Buen camino


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